Roast beef on the barbecue

Roast beef on the barbecue
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Roast beef
  • Oil
  • Coarse salt & pepper
  • Garlic, thickly chopped
  1. I’m no roast expert. But this roast beef turned out quite well! I covered it lightly with olive oil, coarse salt, pepper, and thickly chopped garlic. I put it on a tinfoil tray to catch the drippings, and then wrapped it in tinfoil. Let it cook for one hour at 200°C (400°F) and then I loosened the tinfoil and cooked it for 30 minutes more at a slightly reduced amount. The roast was about 1.5kg and could have been cooked for less time. It was still slightly pink, but not as pink as I enjoy.


Cooking a roast on a barbecue

temperature for barbecuing a roast

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